Cowboys Have Improvements to Make

Improving a Team in Transition

The Dallas Cowboys are coming into the 2014 regular season with high hopes and dreams. Based on their recent record, the team has a variety of strengths to build upon in the upcoming season, but they also have several weaknesses that they must address in order to be successful so buy Dallas Cowboys tickets quickly before they get to expensive. Starting with their ample strengths, the Cowboys have a very strong offense headed by quarterback Tony Romo, who is now backed up by Brandon Weeden. Last season, the Cowboys were near the top of the list in offensive efficiency categories, including passing and pass protection. They were also quite effective in the red zone, ending up at fifth in the league in red zone efficiency for offense. However, they are quite weak on the defensive side of things, with some of the worst stats and defensive showings in the league. Granted, the Cowboys gained some new members for the unit through the draft and free agency, but the key to improving their defense is to work on their technique and execution, both in preseason games and early in the regular season. This is especially true since it will take time for Dallas to shape their defensive draft picks into high profile contributors.

While the offense is undoubtedly the strongest part of the Dallas Cowboys, there are some weaknesses in the unit. For example, last season Dallas passed the ball on about 64 percent of their offensive plays. They need to work on rushing more often, especially since they were quite effective when they did have running plays. A balance of passing and rushing is key to any team’s offense. Of course, the loss of key wide receivers such as Miles Austin might make the Cowboys more keen to rush anyways. Moreover, the team has recently worked on building a stellar offensive line, but many analysts say that this focus has cut into the Cowboys other needs. For example, Dallas picked right guard Zack Martin in the first round of the draft, rather than a defensive player. Many people have complained about the team’s first draft choice at this year’s selection. However, the Cowboys did get a new defensive coordinator, Rod Marinelli, and they hope that he can help make the Cowboys biggest weakness into a strength.

Regardless of how next season turns out, the Cowboys will continue to build upon their strong offense and hope they can also mold their defense into a more effective part of the team. If they do this, they’re sure to become more successful in the NFL.