South Park Guys Do It Again!

The Songs from The Book Of Mormon…Not As Controversial As The Musical Itself

There is something to be said about how music makes the world go round. When the Book of Mormon musical first hit the Broadway stage, it was hailed as a controversial, yet wonderfully orchestrated, musical and also had cheap Book of Mormon tickets for sale but not anymore with its large sucess. If you could get past the fact that it could be highly insulting for those of the Mormon faith, it is not hard to see you swaying to the catchy tunes that came from its creators Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. It is so entertaining, in fact, that it has won such awards nine prestigious Tony Awards and a Grammy for the Best Musical Theater Album.

The songs from the Book of Mormon are fantastically arranged. Released in May 2011, it holds the place as the highest charting Broadway cast LP in more than forty years. That is quite an accomplishment for a Broadway Musical that is based on a religious satire. South Park creators really outdid themselves and showed not only their comedic side, but their musical talent, with the lyrics and musical arrangements. Set all that aside and it is just a truly fun record to hum along to.

A mixture of funny and bouncy tunes is what makes this album so enjoyable. If you aren’t a true Broadway junkie, that makes no difference. What makes this album different is that it combines comedy with show tunes. Not many writers have the ability to pull that off, especially not with so much style and finesse. This may be the first, with many to follow, of musicals that can stretch beyond just those who love the arts. This album hits at the heart of not only those who are all jazz hands, but those who can sit on the couch and watch Comedy Central for hours on end.

If you are someone who wouldn’t normally give a second glance at a Broadway musical album, or one that is based to religion to boot, this may make you a believer that Broadway deserves your respect. Far reaching across many musical tastes, this album will have you signing along when you aren’t laughing. It has the best entertainment qualities of all the arts combined into one. It will make you laugh, cry, and bounce in your seat. Not only is the album outstanding, the musical is pretty awesome too. Download the album today, or go see the show in person on Broadway or the West End.