Building LEED Awards

Visit Nationals Stadium – the Stadium of the Future

The home of the Washington Nationals sits in Southeast Washington, just a few miles away from the rapidly growing Capitol Riverfront just next to the famous Navy Yard. If you want to see an ultra-modern stadium today, the National Park would be an excellent choice so go online and purchase your Washington Nationals discount tickets today. It comes with a modern architectural design and features some of the most exciting things no one would wish to miss. For instance, the modern HD widescreen erected on one corner of the stadium makes it an excellent place to catch every action of the game. Interestingly, the modernized architectural design makes the stadium open to varied use in Capitol Riverfront.

The Nationals Park has a carrying capacity of 41, 546 people and comes with highly creative design of steel, precast concrete, and glass to create a place that shows the creativity and style of the Washington Nationals both on the field of play and off the field. If you didn’t know every seating terrace is specially designed for specific neighborhoods around Washington DC each with identical viewing experience. While watching the movements of the game and the players, fans can see a panoramic outlook of the Potomac riverfront, the surrounding cities of DC, Arlington, and Alexandria, Washington Monument, and the Navy Yard, which add both excitement and pleasure to the game at the Nationals Park.

Watching games at the Nationals Park is not a hassle like it is in other stadiums in the country. The reason however, is that the stadium comes with ultramodern sports facilities such as 4500 feet HD scoreboard and a modern audio technology. Finally, to wrap up its stylish status, the stadium is fitted with awesome entertainment facilities as well as fan-interactive programs to ensure engaging and compelling game experience and entertainment for all the fans, home and away who come to this wonderful stadium to cheer their teams.
All these amazing facilities at the national park came at a price of over $611 million. After its completion, the stadium was officially opened on March 31, 2008. Today, the stadium takes overwhelming pride in winning LEED award for its steps towards environmental conservation. Frankly speaking, the state of the stadium exceeds the standards of certified green building. Therefore, if you are looking forward to watching an exciting match in an exciting stadium today or in the near future, make sure that you visit National Park, when the Washington Nationals play their next match and you will certainly get more than what you ever thought an exciting game could bring.