Jay Gruden Is a Beast

What are the Skins’ Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses Going into the Next Season?

The Washington Redskins, one of the top teams of the NFL are one of the biggest question marks of the competition right now. No doubt, they are trying hard to improve their performance this year and book their place at the playoffs. So buy your cheap Washington Redskins tickets today!

Like any other team in the competition, Washington Redskins have their own strengths, weaknesses, and they have to play within their limitations to make any major impact.
What will be the Skins’ biggest strength and weakness going into next season?

Biggest Strength: Coaching of Jay Gruden
The Washington Redskins are optimistic with their new head coach Jay Gruden, and expect him to manage things better than his predecessor Mike Shanahan, who was widely considered to be a terrible coach during his tenure with the Skins.

Despite having success with RGIII with the first season, he effectively mismanaged one of his top QB star. Shanahan prohibited RGIII from playing in the pocket and used him as a mobile quarterback. When RGIII injured his ACL, Shanahan ignored it and constantly put him in the matches.

What Gruden will bring to the Skins is partiality. He is not the person who will give any opening positions to whoever draws the most crowds. The first thing he will make sure is what is best in the team’s interest for wining

Biggest Weakness: The Position of Quarterback
The quarterback situation becomes much worse after RGIII’s surgery. He looked weak and futile in the last season after his surgery and raised many questions about his future. RGIII expecting his skill of running down to the pocket to be effective and his legs could do all the work, but he was wrong.

The read-option, first introduced in 2012, never worked in NFL because it created confusion on DE’s mind every time. After two years, it has become useless.

DE will always go after the QB whether or not QB hands off the ball to him. It is a risk of the offense more than the risk of the defense.
There is a big question mark on RGIII as he still not proves himself as a passer. He has registered poor passing numbers in the last two seasons and his touchdown to interception ratio is terrible. There is a great chance that he might not play from the beginning.

Kirk Cousins, who played extremely, well while RGIII was out with injury and his pocket presence was stunning. As the skins heading towards a new direction, expect Cousins get couple of games at least. If he can truly outrun RGIII, a new controversy can take place in Washington.