Yasiel Puig


The Los Angeles Dodgers are part of the National League West of Major League Baseball so get your cheap Dodgers tickets today. The team is based in Los Angeles, California. However it was established in Brooklyn New York in 1883 where it had several names before its name definitively became Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers have had some of the most impressive performance in the Major league Baseball(MLB) to date, having won six World Series titles. In addition to this they have 21 national pennants to their name. A pennant signifies that they are the champions in their National league and that they book a spot in the World Series championships.

The previous season has been an exceptionally good one for the Dodgers, after doing a couple of big signings thus bringing on board some extremely talented players. This made a big difference in the teams’ performance as seen in their drastic improvement which led to them winning the national league. There are no qualms about this teams’ performance in the upcoming season judging from the massive talent they possess, and also by the exemplary way they performed in the previous season. We can even dare say that the Dodgers have the best team in the league. They are also favorites to garner more than 100 wins in a season since the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies went 102-60.

The reason why my expectations are high on the Dodgers is because of the flurry of talent they possess in their field positions, players like Clayton Kershaw who ranks among the best pitchers ever in baseball, Matt Kemp who was the 2012 MVP(Most Valuable Player) though he is not performing to his best due to a series of injuries thus sparking speculations of him being traded. Yasiel Puig – a recent signing who came second in the NL rookie of the year race with a lot more expected of him this season.

This and other top signings cost a fortune and in return the pressure is on the players to prove their worth on the field. The Dodgers are expected to retain their championship in the National League which will be a pretty hard task considering the fact that the championship of the NL west division has not been retained by any team in the last three league seasons. However the Dodgers will be looking to change this and retain their championship. In their offensive they came third in the league scoring 649 runs.

With a superb offensive and lots of talented players, it’s highly expected that the Dodgers will maintain their superb form in this upcoming season and also have a shot at both the National League championship and the World Series.