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Hot Rock Concerts Lined Up For St Louis This August

If you love rock then the hottest rock concerts in St. Louis are set to happen during the summer. Some of the biggest stars are set to tour this city during august and rock your world. Every rock lovers should cross their calendar for this event because this will be the biggest events to happen this summer. Start buying discount concert  tickets for these concerts early because they will be soon sold out. These are the events you shouldn’t miss out on this summer.

Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour
We all love the Wrecking Ball star, she is set to rock St Louis on Sunday the 10th of August. This is not an event you don’t want to miss because it will be the talk of the city. Miley is on her Bangerz tour and scheduled to perform at the Scottrade center. This is not an event you should miss out because you tried to find tickets later. You can buy the tickets early from $24 to $38 on various websites. Miley Cyrus is known for her crazy stunts in concert, and for twerking on Robin Thicke at her VMA performance. You will definitely have a blast at the Miley Cyrus concert.

Katy Perry: World Tour
We all love her angelic voice and this why it is a must, you attend this rock event. This event will remain in the memory of you and your friends. Katy Pery is set to rock the Scottrade center on 17th August and you can find her tickets online going for about $78. The roar star is known for her chart topping songs and this is why this is a must attend event. Her concert is nearly fully booked so hurry and get her ticket early. Katy Perry is known to fully commit herself to her fans giving them the ultimate time at the event with her songs and dance moves. Also set to perform is Kacey Musgraves as an attending on guest star.

One Republic and The Script
They are set to rock St Louisana rock fans on the 2nd of August at the Virezon Wireless, Maryland Heights. This event will be star studded with One Republic, the Script, and American Authors performing. This is not an event you miss out on because of the experience you will get. Ryan Tedder and his band are known for their award winning songs that will leave you counting stars. They are also known for their awesome dance moves and for throwing ion some acoustic sets during the show.

Building LEED Awards

Visit Nationals Stadium – the Stadium of the Future

The home of the Washington Nationals sits in Southeast Washington, just a few miles away from the rapidly growing Capitol Riverfront just next to the famous Navy Yard. If you want to see an ultra-modern stadium today, the National Park would be an excellent choice so go online and purchase your Washington Nationals discount tickets today. It comes with a modern architectural design and features some of the most exciting things no one would wish to miss. For instance, the modern HD widescreen erected on one corner of the stadium makes it an excellent place to catch every action of the game. Interestingly, the modernized architectural design makes the stadium open to varied use in Capitol Riverfront.

The Nationals Park has a carrying capacity of 41, 546 people and comes with highly creative design of steel, precast concrete, and glass to create a place that shows the creativity and style of the Washington Nationals both on the field of play and off the field. If you didn’t know every seating terrace is specially designed for specific neighborhoods around Washington DC each with identical viewing experience. While watching the movements of the game and the players, fans can see a panoramic outlook of the Potomac riverfront, the surrounding cities of DC, Arlington, and Alexandria, Washington Monument, and the Navy Yard, which add both excitement and pleasure to the game at the Nationals Park.

Watching games at the Nationals Park is not a hassle like it is in other stadiums in the country. The reason however, is that the stadium comes with ultramodern sports facilities such as 4500 feet HD scoreboard and a modern audio technology. Finally, to wrap up its stylish status, the stadium is fitted with awesome entertainment facilities as well as fan-interactive programs to ensure engaging and compelling game experience and entertainment for all the fans, home and away who come to this wonderful stadium to cheer their teams.
All these amazing facilities at the national park came at a price of over $611 million. After its completion, the stadium was officially opened on March 31, 2008. Today, the stadium takes overwhelming pride in winning LEED award for its steps towards environmental conservation. Frankly speaking, the state of the stadium exceeds the standards of certified green building. Therefore, if you are looking forward to watching an exciting match in an exciting stadium today or in the near future, make sure that you visit National Park, when the Washington Nationals play their next match and you will certainly get more than what you ever thought an exciting game could bring.

Cowboys Have Improvements to Make

Improving a Team in Transition

The Dallas Cowboys are coming into the 2014 regular season with high hopes and dreams. Based on their recent record, the team has a variety of strengths to build upon in the upcoming season, but they also have several weaknesses that they must address in order to be successful so buy Dallas Cowboys tickets quickly before they get to expensive. Starting with their ample strengths, the Cowboys have a very strong offense headed by quarterback Tony Romo, who is now backed up by Brandon Weeden. Last season, the Cowboys were near the top of the list in offensive efficiency categories, including passing and pass protection. They were also quite effective in the red zone, ending up at fifth in the league in red zone efficiency for offense. However, they are quite weak on the defensive side of things, with some of the worst stats and defensive showings in the league. Granted, the Cowboys gained some new members for the unit through the draft and free agency, but the key to improving their defense is to work on their technique and execution, both in preseason games and early in the regular season. This is especially true since it will take time for Dallas to shape their defensive draft picks into high profile contributors.

While the offense is undoubtedly the strongest part of the Dallas Cowboys, there are some weaknesses in the unit. For example, last season Dallas passed the ball on about 64 percent of their offensive plays. They need to work on rushing more often, especially since they were quite effective when they did have running plays. A balance of passing and rushing is key to any team’s offense. Of course, the loss of key wide receivers such as Miles Austin might make the Cowboys more keen to rush anyways. Moreover, the team has recently worked on building a stellar offensive line, but many analysts say that this focus has cut into the Cowboys other needs. For example, Dallas picked right guard Zack Martin in the first round of the draft, rather than a defensive player. Many people have complained about the team’s first draft choice at this year’s selection. However, the Cowboys did get a new defensive coordinator, Rod Marinelli, and they hope that he can help make the Cowboys biggest weakness into a strength.

Regardless of how next season turns out, the Cowboys will continue to build upon their strong offense and hope they can also mold their defense into a more effective part of the team. If they do this, they’re sure to become more successful in the NFL.

South Park Guys Do It Again!

The Songs from The Book Of Mormon…Not As Controversial As The Musical Itself

There is something to be said about how music makes the world go round. When the Book of Mormon musical first hit the Broadway stage, it was hailed as a controversial, yet wonderfully orchestrated, musical and also had cheap Book of Mormon tickets for sale but not anymore with its large sucess. If you could get past the fact that it could be highly insulting for those of the Mormon faith, it is not hard to see you swaying to the catchy tunes that came from its creators Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. It is so entertaining, in fact, that it has won such awards nine prestigious Tony Awards and a Grammy for the Best Musical Theater Album.

The songs from the Book of Mormon are fantastically arranged. Released in May 2011, it holds the place as the highest charting Broadway cast LP in more than forty years. That is quite an accomplishment for a Broadway Musical that is based on a religious satire. South Park creators really outdid themselves and showed not only their comedic side, but their musical talent, with the lyrics and musical arrangements. Set all that aside and it is just a truly fun record to hum along to.

A mixture of funny and bouncy tunes is what makes this album so enjoyable. If you aren’t a true Broadway junkie, that makes no difference. What makes this album different is that it combines comedy with show tunes. Not many writers have the ability to pull that off, especially not with so much style and finesse. This may be the first, with many to follow, of musicals that can stretch beyond just those who love the arts. This album hits at the heart of not only those who are all jazz hands, but those who can sit on the couch and watch Comedy Central for hours on end.

If you are someone who wouldn’t normally give a second glance at a Broadway musical album, or one that is based to religion to boot, this may make you a believer that Broadway deserves your respect. Far reaching across many musical tastes, this album will have you signing along when you aren’t laughing. It has the best entertainment qualities of all the arts combined into one. It will make you laugh, cry, and bounce in your seat. Not only is the album outstanding, the musical is pretty awesome too. Download the album today, or go see the show in person on Broadway or the West End.

Yasiel Puig


The Los Angeles Dodgers are part of the National League West of Major League Baseball so get your cheap Dodgers tickets today. The team is based in Los Angeles, California. However it was established in Brooklyn New York in 1883 where it had several names before its name definitively became Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers have had some of the most impressive performance in the Major league Baseball(MLB) to date, having won six World Series titles. In addition to this they have 21 national pennants to their name. A pennant signifies that they are the champions in their National league and that they book a spot in the World Series championships.

The previous season has been an exceptionally good one for the Dodgers, after doing a couple of big signings thus bringing on board some extremely talented players. This made a big difference in the teams’ performance as seen in their drastic improvement which led to them winning the national league. There are no qualms about this teams’ performance in the upcoming season judging from the massive talent they possess, and also by the exemplary way they performed in the previous season. We can even dare say that the Dodgers have the best team in the league. They are also favorites to garner more than 100 wins in a season since the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies went 102-60.

The reason why my expectations are high on the Dodgers is because of the flurry of talent they possess in their field positions, players like Clayton Kershaw who ranks among the best pitchers ever in baseball, Matt Kemp who was the 2012 MVP(Most Valuable Player) though he is not performing to his best due to a series of injuries thus sparking speculations of him being traded. Yasiel Puig – a recent signing who came second in the NL rookie of the year race with a lot more expected of him this season.

This and other top signings cost a fortune and in return the pressure is on the players to prove their worth on the field. The Dodgers are expected to retain their championship in the National League which will be a pretty hard task considering the fact that the championship of the NL west division has not been retained by any team in the last three league seasons. However the Dodgers will be looking to change this and retain their championship. In their offensive they came third in the league scoring 649 runs.

With a superb offensive and lots of talented players, it’s highly expected that the Dodgers will maintain their superb form in this upcoming season and also have a shot at both the National League championship and the World Series.

Aaron Rodgers, is He Healthy to Play?

Can the Pack Get Back to the Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers are coming off a mediocre (by their standards) 8-7-1 season so cheap Green Bay Packers tickets will be available for a short while. They were still able to win the mediocre NFC North Division, thanks to a late TD on the last day of the regular season against the Chicago Bears. The Green Bay Packers’ season then came to an end on Wild Card Weekend with a loss to their nemesis the San Francisco 49ers.

2014 Overview
Once again, the NFC North does not look to be particularly strong on paper. The Green Bay Packers are the favorite to win this division, and I would expect them to do so. The month of September will be extremely important to the Green Bay Packers. They start of the 2014 on the road against the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. After the Green Bay Packers play a home game against the New York Jets, they have two huge divisional road games at Detroit and Chicago, the two teams most likely to unseat them as the division champion.
After September, the schedule is really not that tough for the Green Bay Packers. Their toughest game of the last 12 games looks to be a match up in week 8 on the road against the New Orleans Saints. Personally, as long as the Green Bay Packers get through the month of September with a 2-2 record, I would expect them to win the division easily. Most of the harder games are at home, where the Green Bay Packers have excelled in the past. Don’t forget that last season the Green Bay Packers missed Aaron Rodgers for half of the season, and had just a 2-5-1 record in those contests. I expect the Green Bay Packers to end September with a 2-2 record, and go into their bye week after the New Orleans game with a 5-3 record. The month of November sees the Green Bay Packers playing 3 tough home games, one against the Chicago Bears (they will have extra preparation time due to a bye week), the other two against the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.
The Green Bay Packers also have a tricky road game in November against the Minnesota Vikings, a team that has given them problems on the road (the Green Bay Packers did beat them last year in Minnesota). The month of December should be kind to the Green Bay Packers, with 2 home games against dome stadium teams (Falcons and Lions) and the road games against teams who were bad last season (Bills and Buccaneers, although I expect the Buccaneers to be better). I think the Green Bay Packers should end up 10-6, and with a home game on Wild Card weekend. Unfortunately for the Green Bay Packers, they play in the tougher NFC conference, and I think their season will end before the Super Bowl (maybe even to San Francisco yet again).

MetLife Stadium

Metlife Stadium: Legendary Moments in the Making

Metlife Stadium is home to two of the most prominent NFL teams, the New York Giants and the New York Jets, but it’s one of the newest stadiums in the league so get your cheap NY Giants tickets asap. In fact, the stadium opened in 2009 and replaced historic Giants Stadium as the home of New York’s professional football teams. The stadium, which is named for a large insurance company based in New York City, already has an impressive resume in the short time that it’s been in operation. It is the only stadium in the NFL that is home to two teams, and it hosted the Super Bowl in 2014. Besides that being the first time the game was played in the greater New York area, it also marked the first time that the Super Bowl was played in an open aired stadium in a ‘cold weather’ city. In fact, the NFL made an exception to weather and temperature requirements surrounding a host stadium for the Super Bowl, in order to celebrate the NFL’s history in the New York area as well as the new stadium.

Despite all the hype around the stadium, its construction came with a heavy price tag. In fact, the stadium cost $1.6 billion to build, meaning that it is the most expensive stadium in the NFL. It does, however, have the largest seating capacity, at just above 82,500 people. The stadium is actually next to the site of the old Giants Stadium, at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, and was originally named New Meadowlands Stadium. Even though its tenants are called New York teams, the complex is in East Rutherford, New Jersey, which lies in the New York City metropolitan area. Besides hosting twice the number of football games per year than other NFL stadiums, Metlife Stadium has been host to several high profile artists and bands, including the Eagles, Taylor Swift, and other notable artists. Aside from it hosting the Super Bowl, many football fans remember it for being home to some thrilling playoff games, as well as an important regular season game between both tenants in 2011, when the New York Giants beat the Jets 29-14.

While Metlife Stadium is only a few years old, it has been host to a plethora of exciting activities and games. Some New York football fans had said that the old Giants Stadium, along with its heritage and legendary status, could not be replaced. However, proponents of the newer complex hope that Metlife Stadium will come close, and provide a home for many more legendary moments to come.

Jay Gruden Is a Beast

What are the Skins’ Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses Going into the Next Season?

The Washington Redskins, one of the top teams of the NFL are one of the biggest question marks of the competition right now. No doubt, they are trying hard to improve their performance this year and book their place at the playoffs. So buy your cheap Washington Redskins tickets today!

Like any other team in the competition, Washington Redskins have their own strengths, weaknesses, and they have to play within their limitations to make any major impact.
What will be the Skins’ biggest strength and weakness going into next season?

Biggest Strength: Coaching of Jay Gruden
The Washington Redskins are optimistic with their new head coach Jay Gruden, and expect him to manage things better than his predecessor Mike Shanahan, who was widely considered to be a terrible coach during his tenure with the Skins.

Despite having success with RGIII with the first season, he effectively mismanaged one of his top QB star. Shanahan prohibited RGIII from playing in the pocket and used him as a mobile quarterback. When RGIII injured his ACL, Shanahan ignored it and constantly put him in the matches.

What Gruden will bring to the Skins is partiality. He is not the person who will give any opening positions to whoever draws the most crowds. The first thing he will make sure is what is best in the team’s interest for wining

Biggest Weakness: The Position of Quarterback
The quarterback situation becomes much worse after RGIII’s surgery. He looked weak and futile in the last season after his surgery and raised many questions about his future. RGIII expecting his skill of running down to the pocket to be effective and his legs could do all the work, but he was wrong.

The read-option, first introduced in 2012, never worked in NFL because it created confusion on DE’s mind every time. After two years, it has become useless.

DE will always go after the QB whether or not QB hands off the ball to him. It is a risk of the offense more than the risk of the defense.
There is a big question mark on RGIII as he still not proves himself as a passer. He has registered poor passing numbers in the last two seasons and his touchdown to interception ratio is terrible. There is a great chance that he might not play from the beginning.

Kirk Cousins, who played extremely, well while RGIII was out with injury and his pocket presence was stunning. As the skins heading towards a new direction, expect Cousins get couple of games at least. If he can truly outrun RGIII, a new controversy can take place in Washington.